10 Most Valuable Sega Dreamcast Games

The Sega Dreamcast seemingly came and left the console world in the middle of the night like the ninja of video game consoles. Dreamcast fans were disappointed that its life was so brief but that brevity is what makes some Dreamcast games a collector’s item today. These are 10 Sega Dreamcast games that might be worth a pretty penny or two if you should decide to sell your games.

10 Most Valuable Sega Dreamcast Games: Cannon Spike
When Cannon Spike was released it was pretty clear that the Sega Dreamcast’s time was coming to an end so Cannon Spike did not get much promotion. Cannon Spike is an overhead shooter and has cameos from Capcom stars from games like Mega Man and Street Fighter.

10 Most Valuable Sega Dreamcast Games: Marvel vs. Capcom 2
Marvel vs. Capcom 2 isn’t as uncommon as some of the other Sega Dreamcast games on the list but it will sell for a lot because of its popularity. The Sega Dreamcast version is also not as common as the PS2 version.

10 Most Valuable Sega Dreamcast Games: Project Justice
Project Justice was the sequel of a fighting game called Rival Schools. The fighting series pits students from rival schools against each other. Project Justice was not released until after the Sega Dreamcast had been discontinued.

10 Most Valuable Sega Dreamcast Games: Ikaruga
Ikaruga is a popular Japanese shoot em up. Many collectors actually predicted ahead of time that Ikaruga would be a collector’s item so they hoarded every copy and kept several copies unsealed. Since so many copies remained in good condition it actually prevented Ikaruga from being worth as much as expected.

10 Most Valuable Sega Dreamcast Games: Under Defeat
Under Defeat was one of the most popular shoot em ups on the Sega Dreamcast. At one time Under Defeat was known as the last Dreamcast game ever but there eventually would be a few others that would take away the title.

10 Most Valuable Sega Dreamcast Games: SegaGaGa Box Set
Segagaga is a roleplaying game that parodies the Sega Dreamcast’s actual fate. The player is recruited by Sega to try and overcome the larger console companies. Segagagag was rare because it was not available in stores and could only be bought on Sega’s online store.

10 Most Valuable Sega Dreamcast Games: Space Channel 5 Part 2 LE
Space Channel 5 is a series of music video games. In the Space Channel games the player must copy the computer’s dance steps. This is done with a regular controller and not with other equipment like Dance Dance Revolution or Rock Band. The limited edition version of Space Channel Part 2 was released in Japan and came with a carrying case and head phones.

10 Most Valuable Sega Dreamcast Games: Border Down LE
Border Down LE is a rare game because it was produced after the Sega Dreamcast was “dead”. There were 5,000 copies of the Border Down limited edition.

10 Most Valuable Sega Dreamcast Games: Border Down
The regular version of Border Down also had an initial production of 5,000 copies but isn’t worth quite as much as the limited edition because it has since been reprinted.

10 Most Valuable Sega Dreamcast Games: Bangai-O: Prize Edition
There were only five copies produced of Bangai-O: Prize Edition. The five copies were given out as prizes at a tournament in Japan. One copy of Bangai-O: Prize Edition was sold for $500 but collectors say it would sell for $1000 today.

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