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Five Quick Tips to Improve Your Game When Playing Spy

When playing Spy, the spy is a class that’s pretty simple on paper. Explaining it to someone who is new to the game wouldn’t take very long at all. But the minute details and intricacies make it a very hard class to master. Playing Spy is not unlike playing chess, I could fill a book just on the various mindsets, techniques and strategies that a professional spy would employ. But for the scope of this article I am going to break it down into sizable chunks that are easy to digest.
Here are 5 quick tips on improving your spy game.

1. USE YOUR REVOLVER! I cannot express how frustrating it is to watch a failspy fumble around with his knife attempting to get a lucky backstab on an overhealed heavy. The revolver isn’t the best weapon in the game, but it is extremely accurate and has decent damage use of the revolver will increase your score dramatically.

2. USE YOUR CLOAK! No one is fooled by your disguise, not anymore at least. The amount of spychecking nowadays is crazy; you cannot get by on a disguise alone. IF you have the cloak and dagger I would suggest using it at least in the beginning.

3. YOU’RE PLAYING A “TEAM” GAME! Your objective as a spy is to assist your team, not core as many points as possible. Seeking out the main objective should be your prime directive. Taking out obstacles on the way.

4. YOU’RE DELICATE, LIKE A FLOWER! You are a 125 hp class, and at the most you have 150 when overhealed. The spy especially is a glass cannon. You’re the only class in the game with a one hit kill. If you miss your mark though you’re dead. Running should always be a valid choice, utilizing your revolver while running away. A dead spy is no good to your team.

5. KNOW WHEN TO SWITCH CLASSES! This tip is directed at people who play spy religiously. The spy relies on stupidity and surprise. The longer you play the spy the more the other team knows to look for you, essentially the longer you play spy the less effective you become. Knowing when to switch it up to help keep the enemy guessing will go a long way in becoming a professional spy.