Best CoC Private Switcher 2016

Download the app and also have access to the online servers is free of charge (“free-to-play”). The game is funded from the in-app sales of “jewels”, which can be used in the game to the progress of development significantly faster. Jewels are also available within the game, i.e. all game content is fundamentally different than the “Freemium” business model, fully accessible free of charge if the player is correspondingly more time invested. Here is the CoC Private Switcher .

10002-Wall Breaker Funny Clash of Clans HD Wallpaperz

CloC occupied 2012 and 2013 regularly at the top places in the download charts of the App Store from Apple, Google and other vendors. Already at the end of 2012 took super cell with its two successful titles, of which clash of clan of the more important is that the iOS App Store in more money than Electronic Arts, the largest company in the industry with almost 1000 songs together. in the first quarter alone 2013 (i.e. as a clash of clans have not been available for Android) Super Cell achieved a net turnover of US$178 million and an operating profit of 106 million US dollars. At the end of the first quarter of 2013 took super cell daily 2.4 million US dollars. In total was clash of the economically most successful spiele-app clans of the year 2013. The success of clash of clans made a decisive contribution to the majority in super cell in October 2013 in one of the largest takeovers of all times in the game industry for 1.5 billion US dollars to the Japanese media company soft bank and its subsidiary was sold GungHo

Attacks can be the player in a Single Player Campaign with 50 levels, or play the online multi-player mode against other human players. In the multi-player mode the player can compete in a league system and – as the name already suggests – the game with other players in Clans together. Clash of Clans Clan members can see each other by sending troops and (from a certain level), also with spells. You can also clans against each other in “Clan Wars” compete and prices in the form of gold, Elixir and dark elixir win. This CoC Private Switcher allows you to switch between functional servers very easily ! It is also possible by Clan Wars Clan to gain experience points with which the clan in the level to rise. Higher clan levels mean certain benefits and a kind of “view” of other clans. Up to clan level 10 can new benefits to get but it is also possible higher level than 10. There is now some level 11 clans (Date: 10. April 2016). That this is possible is caused confusion in the player community.

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